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Robb.K, Livingstone, May 2014

I am here to appreciate what Mr Sandy is doing for us. Before he came to help us, our community was distroyed by elephants. We could’t stay safe because the elephants were eating everything we planted and even sometimes killed people. Since Mr Sandy put his lights reflectors and electric fences, the animals have stopped coming to distroy our crops. Now people are happy because they are safe. Mr Sandy is also doing that for other communities. So, we are all asking for the government to help him so that, he can continue to help us as a community and develop his work. 

Oscar.N, Zimbabwe, April 2013

On behalf of all at Dimbangombe Ranch, I wish to thank you most sincerely for your generous donation of the set of solar flashing lights which prevent us from any further predator threat to our livestock in the kraal at night and thus, enable us to live in harmony with our precious cats an other wildlife.

Your work in promoting this simple and affordable system is unvaluable in Africa ! Keep up the good work.

Florence. M, Livingstone, Zambia, May 2014

I, and on behalf of Linda Community, thank this man, Mr Sandy Simpson, for his help. We have finally harvested due to his project ! Therefore, the appeal goes to the government to come on board to help to provide funds required for the project and continue protecting our crops against the elephants. I will be very grateful if the government can help Mr Sandy Simpson. 

Mike.P, Kenya, December 2012

Just to let you know lights working perfectly and have deterred Elephant who have gone past and to adjacent shambas.